The roles on our Discord server and what they mean

The roles on our Discord server and what they mean

Some of you may have wondered what the different roles mean that can be assigned to a member of the JHS discord server. Even though they are all ordered, it may seem confusing, especially for people who are new to Discord. To help with that confusion, we decided to explain every single role.

Blue roles

The blue rules are rules which are given to the members of the JHS WoT clan. There are four of them:

  • Headmaster: The commander of the JHS and admin of the Discord server. 
  • Instructor: These people are the experienced “teachers” who train and support newcomers. If you have a question, these guys are the people who’ll answer you.
  • Recruiter: Regular students who are relatively active in the forums’ recruiting area and have the permission to send clan invites as well as accept invitations. If you want to join the JHS, you should talk to them
  • Student: Everyone who joined the JHS WoT clan and is not an instructor have this role.

Yellow roles

The yellow roles indicate a person who is a part of the JHS without joining the clan. There are just two of them:

  • Foreign Instructor: A JHS instructor without the JHS logo on his tanks. Otherwise exactly the same as a “blue” instructor. They may have a second role to indicate the clan they are in (for example: USER Instructor).
  • Foreign Student: The same as the “blue” student, just without the clan tag and logo.

Orange roles

Currently, there is only a single orange role:

  • Friend of the Community: Given to guests who are not a part of the JHS. 

Red roles

The red roles indicates a player that takes part in competetive events. For the time being, there is only a single red role:

  • Sensha-dō Team: This rule can only be obtained by people in the JHS and give access to the Sensha-dō club, a special corner on the Discord. 

Pink roles

There are plenty of pink roles right now. Most of them are unique functionless flavortexts. They mostly show that the person has been the target of an inside joke or are earned nicknames. An exception is the short-skirt role which gives access to the NSFW channel and can be obtained by everyone who asks for it.

Grey roles

The grey roles are so-called language tags which indicate what language(s) the owner speaks. There is another grey role called Secretary which is a role granting our bot admin rights.

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