T-46 Guide

T-46 Guide

The T-46 is a tier III Soviet light tank. 


An upgrade from the T-26 in every way. More mobility and a great choice of gun. That means that you can actually decide on a playstyle that suits you most.

The 45mm VT-42 gun makes the T-46 a support tank, much like the T-26. 

The 76mm L-10 and the 37mm Automatic are two guns which make the T-46 an aggressive close-range-flanker. The 37mm is more accurate and has faster aim time than the 76mm, but may have problems penetrating tier IV tanks.

You still have no real armor on the T-46, so watch out for howitzers like those on the Bt-7 art. and M2 medium as well as autocannons (on the Pz I C for example). If playing the T-46 agressively with the 37mm or the 76mm gun, you should use your mobility to flank distracted enemies. Thanks to the good hull and turret traverse speed, you can’t be outmaneuvered easily so this won’t be a problem.


You can install the best gun from the T-26 right away. What you research afterwards depends on your planned gun choice.

If you want to use the 45mm gun, go for the second turret, then the gun and then the rest of the modules.

If you’d prefer to use one of the other guns, you should research the second engine before going for the turret and gun of your choice. 

The 10R radio can be skipped because it is the stock radio of the KV-1 (and thus will be researched automatically later), relatively expensive and not that much of an improvement over the stock radio.


If you plan to play the T-46 for a long time, install the enhanced gun laying drive, the tank gun rammer and the improved ventilation for maximum damage and better gun soft stats. If you use the 45mm gun, camo net and binoculars are a cheap alternative.


We hope that this guide will be the first step on mastering the T-46. T-28 guide coming soon!

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