T-26 Guide

T-26 Guide

The T-26 is a tier II Soviet light tank. It leads to both heavy-lines, a medium line and, via the KV-2, to the SPG-line of the USSR.


Once fully researched, the T-26 has the best accuracy and penetration from all comparable tanks on tier II. Combined with low topspeed and thin armor, the T-26 is best used as a sniper or second-line-supporter. Avoid close combat fighting against tanks like the PzKpfw II or T2 light. Their autocannons are deadly on close range, especially for a tank armored as bad as the T-26.

Instead, stay back a bit and have cover by your side where you could retreat to if under fire. As with every supporter, you should avoid losing hitpoints early in the match because you will need them later when the better-armored tanks of your team are destroyed.


You can install the 45mm 20K gun without upgrading the suspension, as well as the second engine. Researching the gun first will provide you with a boost of damage and penetration without any negative effects. The two engines have the same weight, so you can install the second one without getting weight problems.

After the second turret has been researched and mounted, you should research the last gun and then go from there.


The camouflage net and binocular telescope work great on this sniper-like tank. If you plan to drive the T-26 for a long time, you could fill the last slot with the enhanced gun laying drive which improves your aiming time.

We hope that this guide helped you learn how to drive the T-26. Stay tuned for the T-46 guide!

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