Marder II Guide

Marder II Guide

The Marder II is a German tier III tank destroyer and the second vehicle of the German TD lines.


The Marder II shares most of its pros and cons with the Panzerjäger I, apart from the Marders horrible aiming time and dispersion values on the move: The aiming circle will pop wide open with every movement of the tank. This means that the Marder must be played even more careful than the PzJg I. If you compare it to its tier III techtree-pendants, the gun is well-rounded as far as damage and penetration values are concerned. Problematic are the dispersion values, which are on the lower end of the scale.

Worth noting is the gun arc, vertically as well as horizontally. Compared to the other tier III TDs, the Marder really has problems pointing its gun upward (more than 10° are impossible) but excels in pointing it down (with a gun depression of 8° it is only surpassed by the swedish TD which has impressive 12°). The horizontal gun arc is excellent as the Marder can aim farther to the sides than any other tier III TD.


If you want to mount the best gun, you’ll have to research the tracks first. You may want to research the tier IV tank of your choice from there without driving the Marder longer than you have to.


The camo net and binocular telescope that were recommended on the PzJg I are useful on the Marder II as well. For the third slot, I’d strongly suggest mounting the enhanced gun laying drive as it helps to improve your bad aiming speed. If you just want to grind through the tank and never touch it again, this’ll be a waste of credits.

I hope that this guide was useful. And again, feedback is very much welcomed.

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