Marder 38(t) Guide

Marder 38(t) Guide

The Marder 38(t) is one of three German tier IV tank destroyers and leads to the lesser armored German TD line with the Grille 15 as Tier X. 


The Marder 38(t) is similar to the last to tanks of this line. As a tier IV TD, it can enter battles with enemies that are two tiers higher. Thanks to the excellent gun, the 38(t) can still make decent damage in these battles, if it is played carefully. On tier IV and V, there are a lot of vehicles with high-caliber guns shooting high explosive ammunition which will most likely kill you with one single shot. On tier IV and V, you should be extremely careful when dealing with one of the following vehicles.

Alecto, Sau-40, Hetzer, StuG III B, T40, M4 Sherman, Panzer IV Ausf. H, KV-1, O-I exp., Ikv 103

These tanks are able to mount a gun which will most likely kill you instantly when hitting. All of them have rather bad accuracy, so you should encounter them from large distances.

In addition, you should be careful with small autocannons (like on the Pz I C), as they punch through the 10mm armor of the superstructure with ease. These are also best dealt with from afar.

Luckily, not only the weaknesses from the Marder II carry over but also the strenghts: A fantastic gun which is not only the fastest-firing on all tier IV TDs, but also has the best accuracy and aiming time when standing still. The gun arc is comparable to the Marder II. The relatively good camo value is comparable too.

All in all, the Marder 38(t) can be played like a hybrid of the PzJg I and the Marder II, combining the advantages of both tanks into one. You should consider the rather low ammunition capacity though – blind shots should be avoided. Otherwise you risk running out of shells at the end of a long match. 


After mounting the modules that carry over from the Marder, the tracks need to be installed until you can mount other things. It’s reccomended to research the engines first as they provide a much-needed boost in mobility. The choice to go after the slightly better last gun is valid to; just make sure that you install the other component as soon as possible.


Camo net and binocular telescope are a good idea on this tank as the Marder plays a lot like the previous tanks. If you play to drive this tank for a long time, consider mounting a tank gun rammer in the third slot. It reduces the reload time and thus helps raising your damage output.


I hope that this guide was helpful and would greatly appreciate feedback.

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