M14/41 Guide

M14/41 Guide

The M14/41 is a tier II Italian medium tank and leads to the M15/42.


Compared to the other tier II medium tanks, the mobility of the M14/41 is relatively low so don’t expect to get anywhere fast. Instead, search for positions where you only show your turret to the enemy (so called “Hulldown positions”) as the front of the turret is among the strongest on this tier. The accuracy is okay for a tier II medium and the relatively high shell velocity will help you to hit moving targets at a distance so staying behind is an option. Keep in mind that the gun depression of 10° is not too high, so steep hills are to be avoided. Also keep in mind that you have a relatively high rate of fire but low alpha (damage per shot), so playing peek-a-boo with other tier II medium tanks should not be done.

Priority targets should include tank destroyers and other vehicles that can damage you relatively easy. On the other hand, vehicles with autocannons such as the Pz I, the T7 Combat Car or the Vickers VI C can be ignored safely, as long as you protect your sides and rear. To maximise the hull armor effectiveness, you can angle it at about 20-25°. Don’t angle the turret as angling will decrease the armor effectiveness here.


Research the tracks first as you will need the increased load limit. Then install the gun and lastly, the second engine.


I’d go with the camo net and the binoculars, because they really help you in fixed positions like the one you will likely be using on open maps. If you want to drive the M15/42 a long time, you could consider the enhanced gun laying drive or the toolbox for the last slot.

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