L6/40 Guide

L6/40 Guide

The L6/40 is a tier II light Italian tank.


The L6/40 is a fairly mobile tank which can be compared to the German PzKpfw II. Both tanks have an autoloader, similar damage and penetration values and similar mobility and armor.

The penetration of 38mm is very low, as most tier II light tanks have about 50mm of penetration. You will have problems with damaging tanks frontally so it is advised to use the L6/40 as a mobile flanker. The clip damage of 132 means that you can take out vehicles that are already damaged quickly. With each mouse click, you fire three shots. 

The reload time of the clip is relatively short with 3.5 seconds. This is faster than some single-shot guns. It means that you don’t have to hide for reloading and can play this tank very aggressively and use the “C” key often. Ramming should not be an option as this tank is one of the lighter tier II tanks.

While it’s armor can bounce some shots from autocannons and the HP are just slightly below average, the L6/40s tracks are prone to being damaged/destroyed. It’s also prone to engine damage.

All in all, you should try to get behind unsuspecting tanks and kill them before they start to show you their frontal armor. If you can’t kill your target with a single clip, fall back and repeat. This needs some map knowledge and situational awareness but is in general a very rewarding tactic. Make sure to always keep an eye on the minimap.


Focus on improving the mobility first. Install the tracks and engine first and lastly go for the gun.


The enhanced gun laying drive and improved ventilation help you to maximise your damage output. For the third slot you could mount coated optics or the binocular telescope to enhance the survivability in situations where no teammates are around.

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