Hetzer / StuG III B Guide

Hetzer / StuG III B Guide

The Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer and the Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. B are two German tier IV tank destroyers. They both lead to the StuG III G.

Because these tanks are rather unique, there’s no sense in comparing them to other tier IV TDs. Instead, we compare them to each other.


What makes both of these tanks so special is the great 10.5cm gun. It can one-shot every tier III and IV tanks and most tier V TDs as well. Using high-explosive shells (HE) is highly recommended so you can not only seriously damage tier V and VI tanks using the splash mechanic but also because you are very likely to make the full damage against tier IV and below.

On open maps, both TDs can count on their good camo values to remain unspotted. Just keep in mind that the 10.5cm gun can be a diva on long distances and the gun arc of both vehicles is rather narrow, which means that you are most effective when you can anticipate where the enemy comes from. On this kind of maps, the StuG III B has a slight advantage because it is more mobile and has a better view range. The Hetzer is nearly blind with only 260m and heavily depends on the quality of the scouts in the battle.

On small maps with a lot of cover (Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Mines for example), the Hetzer is more effective. Though not as mobile as the StuG, it has better soft stats (aimtime, accuracy, rate of fire) on the 10.5cm gun as well as very effective armor on the upper hull. If a Hetzer can hide it’s large lower hull behind cover, it has 80-100mm of effective armor, depending on the size of the attacking vehicle. The sides and rear are paper-thin and won’t bounce anything, keep that in mind when dealing with multiple targets.

To make best use of the 10.5cm gun, both TDs should aim to hit first. This can be done by staying unspotted, attacking distracted vehicles, or waiting behind a corner. If you’re dealing with only one tier IV or tier III enemy, you may also want to engange in close quarters as your traverse rate is high on both tanks and you are not likely to be outmaneuvered easily.


The most important thing to install is the 10.5cm gun. It weighs to much for the stock suspension, so you will need to install the advanced tracks first. Then research the engines as especially the stock engine of the Hetzer is terrible.

Hint: It could make sense to drive both vehicles because they use a lot of modules from other tanks. The Hetzer uses parts of the Pz 38(t) and the Stug III B uses StuG III G modules. So you could start out with a lightly upgraded Hetzer and grind to the StuG III G and at the same time research its modules with the StuG III B.


As on most TDs, the camo net is definitely a good idea. A gun rammer is also always nice to have, because it reduces your relatively long reload time which is especially good when dealing with multiple enemies. For the third slot, you should choose between enhanced gun laying drive and the binoculars. If you don’t plan on using the tank for long, you should take the binoculars, especially on the StuG.

We hope that this special guide was helpful for you.

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