About us

About us

The JHS is a schooling clan with a unique concept. For example, we also train players without any kind of experience. Plus, also players with average stats can work as instructors, as long as they have understood the game.

Liner8, Commander of the JHS, about the schooling concept:

“I’d like to compare us to the crew system of the game: The lowest crew experience possible is 50%. This is comparable to a new player who just completed the tutorial.

Then there is the 100% crew training which players can get at regular schooling clans. They are in many ways the best education for newcomers.

But a lot of newcomers don’t go to these clans, mainly because of one of the following two reasons:

Problem 1: They are all extremely good and I’m not, I don’t want to be a burden for them.

Problem 2: This all sounds so sophisticated, only elite players need that set of skills.

We see that for a good education, a different kind of training is needed -the 75% training. A kind of high school between the tutorial-elementary and the pro-clan-university. And this is where we try to jump in. We don’t want to be compared to these pro schooling clans, we are all only average players.

So why should players like us run a schooling clan?

A very good question, regarding my stats and the forums average. On noobmeter, I’m at least “above average”. So why would you want to get a “worse” education? So let’s look at the solutions to problems 1 and 2:

Solution 1: “There are no dumb questions”-mentality

Yes, the pro-schooling clans also see it that way and answer all questions without hestitating. But there are certain constraints when asking seemingly dumb questions to pro-gamers. This is easier when talking with average players.

Solution 2: Ausbildung im Gefecht anstatt im Hörsaal

We don’t want to discourage newer players with too much complexity right away. WoT education for very new players works best when you can just teach the complexity step-by-step in random battles. Learning by doing. As a plus, it’s more flexible for the players so they don’t need to compromise between schoolings and real life. That system is hardly chosen by regular schooling clans as unicums (who teach there) are rare commodities and would have to play 24/7 in this system. Average players and above-average players are much more available.

So how do I want this to be organised?

I don’t want to fill the [JHS] a 100% with instructors. Half of the clan spots are reserved for newer players who like to play in a certain structure¬†and like to use the clan chat for platoon organising. Still we don’t only drive with players who are in our clan. Instead, we also play with students who don’t want to join any clan, or have already entered another.